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Interview Sekander Ghani @Remax Curacao

Bijgewerkt op: 29 dec. 2019

This month an interview with Sekander Ghani from FM Pool Services.

An outdoor person with an office job is not a good combination so when the opportunity presented itself to exchange the job as a team leader maintenance with the University Utrecht in the Netherlands for a position as hands-on maintenance manager at Baoase, the decision was quickly made. This all-round function led to the next step. Starting an own maintenance company at the beginning of 2019. Which company in June 2019 became FM Pool Service Curacao, a technical service company specialized in building and maintaining swimming pools.

The mission of the company is very clear: Keep the client stress free. Sekander is very clear about this: “A customer asks me if I want to solve a problem with the swimming pool. If another specialization is needed, for example expertise of an electrician or woodworker, I will go and look for one myself. The customer does not want to be bothered by having to look for another company. ” Another point is transparency. The customer receives a fully digitalized report of the work done accompanied by photos. This way no misunderstandings can arise.

The latest techniques and materials are used for swimming pool maintenance. For example, a combination of enzymes and minerals is used that prevents the formation of algae. As a result, the use of chlorine can be reduced by around 75%.

“Adding chlorine is only dealing with the outcome but not solving the problem. With extra chlorine you destroy the algae but you do not prevent the formation. With the special product we use, you do and it is only necessary to add some chlorine to combat bacteria. We use products like these with resorts like Baoase, Blue Bay and Papagayo. "

It is a misunderstanding that there is no chlorine in a saltwater swimming pool. In a saltwater swimming pool, an electrolysis device is used breaking down the NaCl salt into the components and thus naturally produces chlorine. This amount produced must be sufficient for controlling bacteria and algae, otherwise intervention will also have to be made here.

However, maintaining the quality of the water does not only happen by adding enzymes, minerals and chlorine. Proper use and maintenance of the pump and filters is essential. For your swimming pool at home it is sufficient to use the water pump for about 8 hours a day and especially during the hottest period of the day when the bacteria and algae form the fastest.

Sekander makes a comparison to building a house. The hardness of the water forms the foundation, the walls compare to the PH value and finally you put on the roof by adding the chlorine to disinfect. When all these components are perfectly matched you have your dream pool with crystal clear water adding a luxurious touch to your home and ensuring the ultimate Caribbean feeling..

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